Saturday, August 29, 2015

Board of Directors


Jim Badge photo

Jim Badge
Commission Member /
Membership and Fund Development Committee Chair


Sandy Benson photo

Sandy Benson
Commission Member/
YAEP Committee Co-Chair

Claude Bobin photo

Claude Bobin
Grenoble Committee Chair


Amy Bratt photo

Amy Bratt
Commission Member

 Barbara Burke photo

Michael J. Brown
Commission Member


Barbara Burke photo

Barbara Burke
Commission Member

Sherri Fagen photo

Sherri Fagan
Commission Member


Marchelle Franklin photo

Marchelle Franklin
Commission Member


 John Hetrick photo

John Hetrick
Commission Member



 Mary Hill Connor photo

Mary Hill Connor
Ennis Committee Chair 

Rabbi Robert Kravitz photo

Rabbi Robert Kravitz
Ramat-Gan Committee Chair



Lin Ling Lee photo

Lin Ling Lee
Taipei Committee Chair


 Sue Lindmeier photo

Sue Lindmeier
Commission Member / 
Signature Events Committee Chair



Norm Lords photo 

Norm Lords
Commission Member


Ralph Marchetta photo

Ralph Marchetta 
Commission Member / 
Chairman of the Board


Honorable Slobodan Popovic photo 

Honorable Slobodan Popovic
Prague Committee Chair


Mike Rakowsky photo

Mike Rakowsky
Hermosillo Committee Chair / City Committees Representative to Executive Committee


Judy Schumacher photo

Judy Schumacher
Commission Member /
Chairman of the Board-Elect


Carol Seidberg photo 

Carol Seidberg
Commission Member/


Jack Sestak photo

Jack Sestak
Commission Member


Michael Sleeseman photo

Michael Sleeseman
Commission Member/Disabilities Awareness Committee Chair


Patti Syverson photo

Patti Syverson
Catania Committee Chair

Masako Takiguchi photo

Masako Takiguchi
Himeji Committee Chair


Stephen Thompson photo 

Stephen Thompson
Calgary Committee Chair

 Ann Thorne photo

Anne Thorne
Commission Member


Melissa Werner photo

Melissa Werner
Commission Member

 Allan Yang photo

Allan Yang
Commission Member


Al Yee photo

Al Yee
Chengdu Committee Chair