Saturday, March 25, 2017

ICWD 2015 Award Winners

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A Voice of Our Own

written by Hua-Hsuan Chung from Taipei, Taiwan

A Voice of Our Own Like a whale in the deep sea, my scream.

Sounds like a sigh only;

Like a butterfly in the divingbell, my flap.

Sounds like a sigh only;

Like untying knots with one hand.

Each of the words from-my heart is


Seemingly calm, I hurry-scurry choose my

expressive countenahces;

Seemingly hurry-scurry, I calmy hum my

farvoite ballad.

Like murmurs in the pine woods, Lighting

flashes and thunder rumbles,

Sounds like a sigh only.



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Everyone Needs a Helping Hand

written by Jennifer Hynes from Ennis, Ireland

Verse 1

Everyone needs a helping hand as life is a time to understand.

Life is full of ups and downs and is never easy from what it sounds.

A friend is a person who is aware and is never spare when I am in despair.


Verse 2

My friends have overcome many challenges.

A huge inspiration this is to me.

We do not let challenges stand in our way.

Instead we greet everyday in a cheery way with a winning smile to make
everyone’s day.



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Breaking Down Barriers...Opening Doors

written by Jorge Gonzalez from Phoenix, Arizona

We tried to tell you but you didn’t hear.

We tried to approach you but we sensed fear.

You are afraid of all things unknown.

But those fears we’ll take away with a voice of our own.


We hoped to know you but you walked away.

We hoped to show you but you wouldn’t stay.

We were just children, but, oh, how I’ve grown.

We’re here to tell you in a voice of our own.


A great, big ole thanks to those who paved the way

To the pioneers before us, who inspire us today.

A great big ole hug to those who blazed the trail,

Who left us a path to follow when you thought we would fail.


We wanted to help you but you turned away and ran.

We wanted to aide but you saw a lesser plan.

You couldn't see that we are all made of flesh and bone.

We’re here to dispell sterotypes in a voice of our own.


I thought you could change you but you changed me.

I thought you were better but now that I can see,

I see all the lessons you’ve inadvertently shown.

I see what I couldn’t and hear a voice of our own.


A humble acknowledgement to those who came before.

The ones who broke down barriers and opened up doors.

A nod and a wink to those who helped us get here.

A place without limits, a place without fear.