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Youth & Education


Phoenix Sister Cities offers many exciting opportunities for youths to experience other cultures around the globe. In the Youth Ambassador Program, students travel to Phoenix's sister cities and experience the history, language, food, culture, arts and daily activities of the city they visit. Youth Ambassadors live with a host family during the exchange and attend local schools, if in session. In addition, Sister Cities offers many exciting programs here in Phoenix, such as World Fest and the Día de los Niños Festival that gives Youth Ambassadors the opportunity to experience and promote the benefits of our global partnerships. Other programs offered by Phoenix Sister Cities include special exchanges are also offered in fine arts, sports and school-to-school programs.


Youth Ambassador Exchange Program

Youth Ambassadors at the Grand Canyon

The purpose of the Phoenix Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Exchange Program (YAEP) is to offer opportunities for Phoenix high school students to appreciate and understand the cultures of our sister cities through an abroad/home stay experience. Sister Cities sponsors this program for Phoenix youth as an investment in the future, as the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Their experiences as a Youth Ambassador will help prepare students to confidently assume their place in a global community. The YAEP Committee selects high school students, each of whom will be assigned as youth ambassador to one of the nine Phoenix sister cities for a period of three weeks in the summer. The selected Youth Ambassadors will then reciprocate by hosting their "host" brother or sister for approximately the same length of time in Phoenix. Through the sister city program, Youth Ambassadors will have the opportunity to experience the city and culture in ways otherwise not available to the casual visitor.


Teach Abroad in Himeji, Japan

Phoenix Sister Cities has been in partnership with Himeji, Japan for over thirty years. The Teach Abroad Program in Himeji is an opportunity for college graduates with various degrees to teach English and American Culture to Japanese school children. To be eligible for this program, applicants must be twenty-one years of age, a resident of metropolitan Phoenix, speak fluent English, have a four-year degree, and be in good health. Phoenix Sister Cities encourages anyone who is interested and meets the criteria to apply. Living and teaching in a foreign country is an exceptional opportunity that will forever impact your future no matter the career choice you decide.


Camp Courage

Camp Courage is a unique camp hosted by the Foundation for Burns and Trauma, Inc. for burn victims from ages 6-15 in Prescott at the Pine Summit campground. The purpose of the camp is to reach out to young burn victims and let them know that people care. The goal of the camp is to let them put their obstacles aside for a little while and just be kids. At the camp, youth participate in an array of activities, such as horseback riding, swimming, performing skits, and making crafts. The Calgary Committee plays an active role in Camp Courage by sponsoring young burn victims' trips from Calgary, Canada to come to Arizona to participate in the camp. The Calgary Committee sponsors various activities to entertain the visitors while in Phoenix before and after Camp Courage.

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El Día de los Niños Festival

Phoenix Sister Cities participates in the City of Phoenix Latino Institute sponsored festival El Día de los Niños. City committees and their Youth Ambassadors have booths at the festival featuring interactive games or hands-on activities for the attending youth. The event promotes unique, fun, hands-on youth participation at the booths. This type of interaction gives the participant the opportunity to go back and share with family, friends, and classmates the great time they had at this event. These games can be anything from arts and crafts to giving away small souvenirs.


History Teacher Exchange - Ennis, Ireland

Heather and Helen
Phoenix Sister Cities Commission offers the History Teacher Exchange program with Ennis, Ireland. Educators in both Phoenix and Ennis have the opportunity to work together and teach History in their counterpart city. While living in Ennis, Phoenix teachers teach Arizona and U.S. History, while teachers from Ennis visiting Phoenix teach Irish and European History. This program is open to any Phoenix High School teacher interested in spending time in Ennis, Ireland for a two-week stay during the school year. This is a reciprocating home hosted exchange.

Helen Sheil on 2009 Ennis-Phoenix Teacher Exchange


Internship Program

Phoenix Sister Cities offers semester and summer internships to college students that are interested in working in any of the following areas: Non Profit Agencies, Event Planning, International Business, Communications, Cultural Diversity, Economics, Youth Exchange Programs, Art, Tourism, International Government and Public Relations. The benefits of interning with Phoenix Sister Cities include the opportunity to work in a quazi-governmental office setting for the City of Phoenix, giving you a general insight into working for the city, and providing you with the skills and opportunities necessary for a future career in this industry. Phoenix Sister Cities Interns are expected to be proactive, creative and committed to any given task. There are several projects that the interns work on during a semester or summer, including: event planning, marketing, long-term and short-term projects as well as research for any new programs Phoenix Sister Cities may want to implement.


Sport Exchanges

The Sport Exchange Program allows youth the opportunity to play, interact and learn about the sports of another culture in one of our Phoenix Sister Cities. Sister Cities recently hosted a baseball exchange with youths from Hermosillo, Mexico.
Phoenix Sister Cities is always interested in establishing new Sport Exchanges in other Sister Cities!