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Teach Abroad


 Teachers preparing to depart for Himeji hosted for the
Japanese YA's and their Phoenix counterparts.


Teacher Abroad Participants Seek Your Assistance
 There have been seven participants honored by Phoenix Sister Cities to represent Phoenix for the 2014-2015 Teach Abroad Program in Himeji, Japan to serve as an Assistant Language Teachers (ALT’s) and Assistant Supervisor of Education (ASE’s). It was a very competitive and rigorous interview process for the selection of only a few applicants. Phoenix Sister Cities has been in partnership with Himeji, Japan for this program for over thirty years. The Teach Abroad Program gives college graduates with various degrees the opportunity to teach English to Japanese school children as well as conduct adult classes for members of the community.  As an ALT/ASE our primary function is to be a cultural representative whose goal is to get the students---and the community--excited about learning English and to expose them to American culture. 

Those of us selected to travel to Himeji have a lot to prepare for as we embark on this exciting journey and as new teachers we would like to raise money to purchase teaching supplies for the activities we plan for our community lessons. This includes, but is not limited to, supplies to utilize for lesson planning or activities that cultivate the American, specifically Arizona, way of life, for the Himeji community. Therefore, we are seeking your help. Please make a small, tax-deductible contribution to assist us in our efforts. Please respond no later than August 9th, to the ALT/ASE asking you for a contribution. Or, you can make a contribution online at Phoenix Sister Cities will send you confirmation of your donation to use for tax purposes in mid-August. We are very excited about this opportunity to experience life outside of the USA and at the same time share the American culture and language with the students and adults in Himeji.  For more information on the Teach Abroad Program, go to Thanks so much, 

Proud & Thankful 2014 Teach Abroad ALT/ASE’s






Live and Work Abroad for One Year in Himeji, Japan 

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Phoenix Sister Cities, in cooperation with our Sister City in Himeji, Japan, annually seeks applicants for assistant language teachers who fulfill 1-2 year contracts from September to August each school year. The application deadline is in early February annually for the following school year starting in August. This program caters to individuals with or without teaching experience who enjoy a structured school environment. 

Adults with a four-year degree may travel to Himeji, Japan for a one-year Phoenix Sister Cities Teach Abroad Program. A sense of adventure is required, but familiarity with the Japanese language is not! This is a unique international employment opportunity, and all college majors are welcome to apply.  

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 Brief Video of Shirasagi Residence, Where our Teachers Live


 Quick glimps of the Himeji & Phoenix Sister Cities Teach Abroad program experience.


If you can't find the information you need here, please contact:

Phoenix Sister Cities
c/o Teach Abroad program 
200 W. Washington St., 20th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003
(602) 534-3751



NOW ACCEPTING 2014/2015 Teach Abroad Applications.

Teach Abroad applications are accepted annually. Each spring we hire new program participants. The application deadline is always the first Friday in February for the following academic year that starts in August. Teach Abroad application deadline has passed.

The application & $25 application fee must be received (not postmarked) in our office by the deadline. If necessary, you can hand deliver your application to the Phoenix Sister Cities office, which is located on the 20th floor of City Hall.

Download the application

Download the brochure

Send the completed application by mail or in person to:

Phoenix Sister Cities, ATT: Teach Abroad Program, 200 W. Washington St. 20th Fl., Phoenix, AZ  85003

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Meet Our Teachers

All of our teachers come from various backgrounds and experiences. We encourage anyone interested who meets the requirements to apply. Living abroad and making a difference in a foreign country is a unique opportunity not available to everybody. Upon their return, teachers find that they have learned quite a bit from the very students they were teaching.

Meet our program participants

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The application deadline is always the first Friday in February for the following academic year that starts in August