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Wednesday, 22 June 2016 16:26

Catania Volunteer of the Year 2015/2016

Catania Morissey Charlotte


This past Thursday, June 16 '16, the Catania committee had the pleasure of awarding Charlotte Morrissey 'Volunteer of the Year 2015/2016'!

Charlotte, proud Mom of YA to Catania 2015 Mark Morrissey, who is on the awesome Alumni board and planned the wonderful March in March walkathon, has been a fantastic asset to the Catania committee! Always present at our meetings, she has also actively and enthusiastically volunteered at our Italian Festival fundraiser on March 19th-20th 2016, promoting Phoenix Sister Cities Catania Committee fundraisers and the sale of Mayor's International Gala raffle tickets with great success!

Last, but certainly not least, Charlotte had just been elected new Vice-Chair of the Catania committee, so she will be the 'right shoulder' of Enrico Orsini, our new Chair! God bless the Catania committee! And blessed it is, indeed!

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