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Phoenix Celebrates 37th Anniversary of Sister Cities with Taipei, Taiwan

Phoenix Celebrates 37th Anniversary of Sister Cities with Taipei, Taiwan with Award Winning Artist Chris Ho’s Exhibition Honoring Sister Cities Relationship and Double Tenth Celebration 


            Phoenix celebrates the 37th Anniversary of the Sister Cities relationship with Taipei, Taiwan with an amazing art exhibit featuring award winning famous Taiwan artist Chris Ho. The official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies were held on October 4 led by Coordinator and Sponsor Lin Ling Lee and Wen Chyi Chiu with Honorable VIP guests, House of Representative Kate Brophy McGee, Fountain Hills Mayor Linda Kavangh and Phoenix Deputy Fire Chief Mark Faulkner to celebrate Phoenix, Arizona and Taipei, Taiwan’s 37th anniversary of long lasting and strong relationship and friendship, to honor Arizona 104 years of statehood, to acknowledge ROC Taiwan Double Tenth celebration, to welcome Taiwan Artist Chris Ho, to recognize young ambassadors from Desert Palm School, and to promote international arts and cultural awareness and connections between sister cities of Taipei and Phoenix. Desert Palm School students were honored as global youth ambassadors and presented with medals awards and school supplies.

           The exhibition is coordinated by Phoenix Taipei Sister Cities and is in team with Arizona Capitol Museum, Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Arizona Chapter, Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, and Chong Hua Academy. The exhibit and event is also very successfully coordinated and sponsored by Lin Ling Lee, Commissioner of City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture and Wen Chyi Chiu, Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Arizona Chapter President. During the ceremony, Taiwan Artist Chris Ho presented Honorable Kate Brophy McGee with his tiger painting, presented Honorable Fountain Hills Mayor Linda Kavanagh with his eagle painting, and presented Deputy Fire Chief Mark Faulkner with bamboo, flower and birds painting.  In addition, audiences were treated with Taiwan Artist Chris Ho’s famous eagle painting demonstrations to inspire younger generations and audiences’ creativity and awareness of the significance and beauty of Taiwanese art and culture. His eagle painting was presented to Ms. Beth Martin and Desert Palm School. 

             Taiwan artist Chris Ho specializes in traditional and classical Chinese paintings and dedicates his art to endangered species. Taiwan Artist Chris Ho is most known for his lifelike Tiger and Eagle paintings, and his famous art of eagle soaring to the moon was presented to President George W. Bush. In addition, he was chosen by the U.S. Postal Service for the “Stamp by Mail” Program.


Photo 01
Photo 1: Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
 Picture 2
Photo 2: Group Photo with Students



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