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Monday, 12 September 2016 11:29

East Meets West Art Exhibit

The sister cities of Phoenix and Taipei celebrate 37 years of friendship with the grand opening of the "Taiwan East Meets West Art Exhibit," now on display at Phoenix City Hall through Sept. 16.


The exhibit includles artwort by Joy P. L. Lee:  

keepingHope dream


The exhibit includles artwort Master Chris Ho New Artworks:

IMG 0660 IMG 0667


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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 13:40

Master Hsing Yun Calligraphy Exhibition

Newspaper articleThe Arizona Chinese Ameerican Newspaper featured a peice about Venerable Master Hsing Yun's art exhibit at Phoenix City Hall. The exhibit was made possible by IBAA Arizona Phoenix Chapter and the Taipei Sister Cities Comittee. The exhibit celebrated the 37th aniversery of the relationship between Phoenix and Taipei. To read more about this article please visit: AZCNEWS.ORG 


Below are photos of Taiwan Famous Master Hsing Yun’s Calligraphy Exhibition. Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony were held on August 10 at 10 am at Phoenix City Hall.

Photo 1

Taiwan Master Hsing Yun’s Calligraphy Exhibition Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Phoenix City Hall.

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taipei group performance comp

City of Taipei Mayor Ko Wen Je sent world renowned Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group to visit Phoenix to celebrate and honor 37 years of friendship between Phoenix, Arizona and Taipei, Taiwan. The group was led by Taipei Education Department Deputy Commissioner Tseng Tsan Chin with 13 delegations and 27 performers. The Taipei group arrived on July 27 and were welcomed at the airport by Phoenix Sister Cities Vice President Rick Gerrard, Taipei Sister Cities Committee Chair Lin Ling Lee, and Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Arizona Chapter President Wen Chyi Chiu.

Lin Ling Lee and Wen Chyi Chiu arranged and accompanied Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group to visit Phoenix Channel 11 Know 99 TV for interviews and meet with Arizona Superintendent Diane Douglas. The group received a warm welcome, recognition certificates, and souvenir coins from Arizona Superintendent Douglas. Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group also visited Arizona Senate and Arizona House. Senate President Andy Biggs greeted them at Arizona Senate and presented Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group with a Recognition Proclamation and gifts. Younger generations’ role model Senator Kimberly Yee introduced the Arizona Senate to Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group and encouraged the students to become leaders of tomorrow. Arizona House of Representative Kate Brophy McGee also presented Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group a Recognition Proclamation at the Arizona House. In addition, Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group toured the Arizona Capitol Museum.

Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group’s visit to Phoenix, Arizona is recognized by US Congress, State of Arizona, and City of Phoenix. Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan presented Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group with a Proclamation and US Congressman David Schweikert awarded the Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group with US Congressional Certificates. In addition, Appreciation Certificates from Phoenix Sister Cities honored each delegate for promoting global arts, culture, sports and diversity.

Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group had a spectacular performance on July 28 at 7 pm at KROC Center Theater including various forms of Taiwanese Diabolo Spinning, Shuttlecock Kicking, Rope Skipping, and folk dances. The performance attracted a full audience who gave standing ovations. Phoenix Sister Cities Taipei Sister Cities Committee presented plaques and gold medals to Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group to honor their wonderful performance.

Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group strengthened Phoenix and Taipei’s relationship by expanding international culture awareness and diversity, and promoting Taiwan and US culture exchanges.

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World Famous Taiwanese Folk Sports

Performance Comes to Phoenix 


PHOENIX – In honor of the 37th Anniversary of the Phoenix and Taipei Sister Cities relationship, Taipei, Taiwan is sending the world famous Taipei Folk Sports Performance troupe to Phoenix.  The troupe will perform at 7 pm on July 28 at the Salvation Army KROC Center Theater, 1375 E. Broadway Road, Phoenix AZ 85040.


View Full Press Release


Attendees will experience a performance composed of Taiwan folk sports, athletics and dance including champion Taiwanese yoyo, spinning tops, shuttle kicking and jump rope techniques.  The international travel troupe promotes the beauty of Taiwanese culture and performing arts.The Taipei Performance is coordinated by Phoenix Sister Cities' Taipei Committee.


 In adddition, check out AZCentral's article about Taipei and the Youth performance here: View AZCentral Article

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Monday, 04 April 2016 09:32

2016 Taipei Summer Camp

The 2016 Taipei Summer Camp has just finished! Kids of all ages enjoyed learning through crafts, games, and dances. Check out the pictures below! 



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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 10:39

National Treasure Calligraphy Exhibit

Award Winning, and Taiwan National Treasure, Calligraphy Artist Dr. Tu Chung Gao’s calligraphy exhibition will b held at Arizona Capitol Museum from February 16 to 29 in honor of Phoenix and Taipei's 37th anniversary as sister cities. Below are images of the artwork and team responsible for the exhibit.


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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 09:22

Lin Ling Lee - Hometown and Heroes


Check out our chairwoman Lin Ling Lee as she is honored by the show Hometown and Heroes.

to see a video of her great achievements!

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Click on the images to see them full-size. Use your ‹ › arrow keys or mouse to move between photos.


Arcadia Little League Baseball has a big week ahead of them! This past weekend they have traveled to our sister city, Taipei Taiwan! There the boys, from ages 11-12 years old, will play in a tournament against hometown teams while taking in the culture of the Far East.

With baseball being a huge aspect of the Taiwanese culture, the Little League team is sure to have some great competition and most of all, memories to last a lifetime. The players are excited to see how the game is different abroad, from the size of the fields and if the Taiwanese teams participate in classic American baseball traditions, like chewing gum and spitting sunflower seeds.


 As of Tuesday, the team and their parent arrived in Taiwan! A weather delay kept them in San Francisco a bit longer than planned but the boys were able to catch a major league baseball game and even have a cameo on the jumbotron! The boys thus far have played 3 games and have won all of them! They have been on excursions to temples and enjoyed traditional meals. 


The boys and parents are home safe and sound and came back with an impressive 4-0 record against the elementary schools across Taipei. They shared gifts with each of the teams and bonded over the game both cultures love. The team also had the chance to experience some amazing landmarks along the way. In the end, it was an incredible trip for everyone involved and Phoenix Sister Cities is proud to have helped in making it happen for them!  





03 Davis, Mason – P / OF
11 Dozer, Jack – P / 1B / SS
10 Edwards, Crew – P / SS
22 Holloran, Nate – P / 3B
35 Krawczyk, Cole – C /1B / OF
01 Kuhl, Michael – P / C / SS
04 Massingale, Matthew – P / OF / 2B
14 Musselmann, JP – 3B / 1B / OF
00 Pankow, Nathan – P / 1B / OF
07 Spier, Ryan – P / C / 3B
19 Wasson, Barrett – P / 2B

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015 09:18

Taipei News and Happenings



Top Left: TECO Education Division Director May Liang, and Lin Ling Lee with Mayor Greg Stanton. 

Top Right: Appreciation and Recognition Certificate presented by Director Mary Liang and Hui Chen Pan to Lin Ling Lee.

Bottom: TECO Education Division Director Mary Liang and Hui Pan Chen visit Phoenix Elementary School District One with Vice Superintendent Lind and Mr. Johnson with Taipei Committee Chair Lin Ling Lee, and Wen Chyi Chiu


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Thursday, 22 January 2015 14:14

Lin Ling Lee attends...


Lin Ling Lee, Taipei Sister Cities Committee Chair, attended the swearing in ceremony for US Congressman Ruben Gallego on January 15, 2015. 


City Council Liaison for Ramat-Gan/Phoenix
affiliations Kate Gallego and Lin Ling Lee.


US Congressman Ruben Gallego
and Lin Ling Lee.

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