Tuesday, February 28, 2017


 Hermosillo Fire Relief Fund

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico was Phoenix’s very first Sister City, becoming official friends nearly 35 years ago.  Over that time period, we have conducted exchanges of students, educators, sports teams, business leaders, professionals of all fields of endeavor and helped each other in so many ways. On June 5th, 2009, Hermosillo really needed our help. In a tragedy almost beyond belief, a terrible fire broke out in a daycare center for small children ages 1-3.   

Tragically, 49 small children died in the fire. Several dozen others survived but were badly burned and will need care and surgeries for years.  We are working with our friends in Hermosillo to bolster their citywide fire prevention efforts, and to help establish a Burn Center at the Children’s Hospital.  Currently, there are no burn centers in the northwest of Mexico.  Nurses from Hermosillo are currently in training at our Maricopa County Burn Center, one of the best in America. We also plan to help set up a Burn Camp similar to the wonderful Camp Courage in Prescott, Arizona. Out of friendship, we are working closely with Hermosillo to both assist the families in need and to help make sure that the progress coming out of this fire and not just the fire itself becomes the legacy.


Please make a tax deductible donation today or donate your vehicle to help support the Hermosillo Fire Relief Fund! 



In 2009, the Hermosillo Fire Relief Fund was created to benefit the victims and their families impacted by the fire at the ABC Day Care in Hermosillo, Mexico. 

All donations are given directly to Hermosillo's social services agency, Hermosillo DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia). At the time of the blaze, 142 children were inside the day care center. To date, the fire has killed 49 children and left dozens fighting for their lives.