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17th Annual Global Links Luncheon


global links hp

Phoenix Sister Cities held the 17th Annual Global Links Luncheon on June 9, 2016. This year's topic was Cybersecurity. 


 2016 Mayor's Export Award Recipients

Pictures from 2016 Global Links Business Outlook Luncheon




15th Annual Global Links Luncheon




Phoenix Sister Cities' held it's 15th annual Global Links Luncheon June 19, 2014. The focus of this year's luncheon was on trends in the commercial aviation industry. 


2013 Sister Cities International Conference: Phoenix Sister Cities Honored

Executive Director Paula West, Deputy Director Rick Gerrard, and Phoenix Sister Cities Himeji Committee Chair Masako Takiguchi accepted the 2012 Sister Cities International Innovation: Economic Development award at the International Conference in San Antonio, Texas. 
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Global Links Now Available for Viewing on PHX11

Thanks to all who attended! You can now watch the event in its entirety on PHX11. Additionally, Economic Relations Committee Chair Miles Davenport wrote an article about the event for the Asian American Times, which you can read here.


Phoenix Sister Cities Business Delegation Travels to Chengdu


Al Yee Chair of the Phoenix Sister Cities Chengdu Committee and Miles Davenport Chair of the Economic Relations Committee jointly led a September 2012 business delegation to our sister city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Peoples Republic of China.


The delegation was welcomed to Chengdu at a banquet hosted by the leadership of the Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office. The welcome banquet was followed by an informal delegation get acquainted reception at the LotusPalace on Chengdu’s famous Jinli Street.

From left: Yu Ran, FAO Staff, Li Li, FAO Deputy Director, Kim Kunasek, President OEI Design and Chengdu Committee member, Miles Davenport, Economic Relations Committee Chair, Qiu Haiming, FAO Deputy Chairman, Al Yee Chengdu Committee Chair attend FAO hosted dinner.   Entrance to Jinli Street, reconstructed in 2005 as a Chengdu tourism attraction and frequented by locals for shopping, dining and entertainment.

The first day of the delegation was designed as a briefing day to acquaint the participants with conducting business in Chengdu and surrounding provinces. The morning started with a briefing by William Marshak, the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) Principal Commercial Officer in Chengdu on the USCS mission and an overview of the area’s industry sectors and markets. This briefing was followed by a stop at the Chengdu Planning and Exhibition Hall where delegates were briefed on the city’s current business related infrastructure and plans for future expansion of business development zones, transportation and infrastructure. The group next traveled to Chengdu’s High-Tech Zone and met with representatives of the Chengdu Municipal Investment Promotion Commission who briefed them on the requirements for foreign enterprises doing business in Chengdu. The day concluded with a banquet hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce of Southwest at Chengdu’s China Club. The banquet was attended by AmCham members, many local business representatives and government officials. The dinner‘s networking session and gave the Phoenix delegates a chance to discuss conducting business in the area with experienced foreign and local business executives and to make numerous contacts for developing future business opportunities.

The following day the delegates each had individual meetings with prospective business, investment or trade partners in their industry sectors. These pre-established appointments were set up by the Chengdu USCS under the US Department of Commerce’s Gold Key Matching Service. All of the delegates established relationships during these meetings that are resulting in the registration of a Foreign Invested Enterprise in Chengdu, two memorandums of understanding to mutually conduct projects with local business entities and contacts for future business development and cooperation.

The next day the delegation drove to prefecture level city of Leshan where they met with local government officials to discuss business opportunities and tourism cooperation, visited the city’s new Economic Development Zone and toured and were briefed by management of the Leshan-Phoenix joint venture of Phoenix’s ON Semiconductor Corporation.


ON Semiconductor Corporation Leshan-Phoenix manufacturing plant. Joint venture with Leshan Radio Corporation.


Business briefing and discussions with Leshan Vice Secretary General Li Zhi Ming.

While in the city the delegates visited the famous Leshan Buddha and enjoyed a luncheon and evening banquet both hosted by local government officials in their honor.

The famous Leshan Buddha, A UNESCO World Heritage Site. The statue is 233 feet tall.  

Giant panda “teenagers” doing what teenagers do at the the Giant Panda Research Facility

Over the following weekend the delegates had individual meetings with potential business partners and took time to visit some of the many local tourism sites.

The group next journeyed to the prefecture level city of Ziyang where they met with government officials, toured the local Economic Development Zone and discussed possible areas of business and tourism cooperation. The city of Ziyang lies in the middle of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone which the central government has targeted for significant development in the current five year plan. The group also visited and was briefed on the new Intercontinental Hotel Group resort and conference center being built in the nearby county level city of Jianyang area.


City officials briefing the delegation at the Ziyang Economic Development Zone promotion center.


Intercontinental Resort & ConferenceCenter. Artist’s concept, currently under construction

The final day of the delegation the participants attended the SelectUSA Investment Seminar conducted jointly by the U.S. Commercial Service and Sichuan Province Chamber of Commerce. The program was introduced by Ambassador Gary Locke, US Ambassador to China and Hon. Rick Snyder the Governor of Michigan. Opening speeches were followed by individual meetings with potential Chinese investors and business partners.

Ambassador Locke and members of the Beijing Embassy staff seated in front of participating Chinese investors.

  Miles Davenport, PSC Economic Relations Chair at the SelectUSA Invest in Phoenix desk.
Delegation activities concluded that evening at the opening banquet of the 13th Western China International Fair held every year in Chengdu. Delegates dined and had the opportunity to meet and network with participants from the Russian Federation and Macedonia.


May 2012, Business Representative included on Ramat-Gan Tourism/Cultural Delegation - Vice Mayor Michael Johnson led a delegation of 25 representatives from Phoenix to Ramat-Gan, Israel, to commemorate the 90th birthday of the City of Ramat-Gan. The delegation included Marty Weems, Vice President of Athlete's Performance (AP). Mr. Weems completed a very successful trip to Ramat-Gan with the delegation and reported that he more than achieved his business objectives. He was especially thankful for the help he received from PSC and our Ramat-Gan sister city counterparts. The result is that AP has now a become a PSC Corporate Sponsor and a  strong advocate for PSC's economic relations efforts. Following is a short excerpt from a letter he sent about the trip:

". . . the trip was successful by the amount of market information learned, the quality of the meetings and the potential for future business. All were very positive. The longtime relationship of Phoenix Sister Cities to Mr. Mully Dor proved exceptionally valuable. He was able to set several appointments for us that were with hink ranking, ideal targets for our business. Due to their positive relationships with Mr. Dor, we were received as the guests of a great friend and treated accordingly. By any other means, we would have taken months to obtain these appointments and they would not have happened so conveninetly but rather over multiple trips. So not only was the trip positive, it was financially efficient."

This was the reconstituted ERC's first economic relations activity and we were encouraged by this result!

May 16, 2012 CED International Business Symposium - The City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department's IBS was a success with a large number of participants. On the second day, 32 "Cleantech Opportunities in Arizona" companies made presentations on their company's products or services. The presentations were followed by a reception with the guest of honor, the Phoenix-based Consul General of Mexico. A number of international visitors and ERC members attended as well. The symposium also included a day and a half of company and site visits. This was ERC member and CEDD International Business Development Manager Michael Shelton's final event before retiring and his to be commended for organizing and hosting a very informative event.

June 8, 2012 Global Links Business Outlook Luncheon - This year's Global Business Outlook Luncheon was also a huge success. The three speakers covered their company's progress in the area of sustainability in a very entertaining and interesting way. U-Haul International's Joe Schoen revealed how a number of quite simple projects have made a huge impact on sustainability at U-Haul. Allan Yang, a ERC member and U-Haul's VP of Sustainability is to be credited for their success.

Download the presentations:

Edward J. "Joe" Shoen, CEO, U-Haul International, Inc.

Colin Tetreault, Senior Policy Advisor of Sustainability, City of Phoenix

Suzanne Fallender, Director, CSR Strategy & Communications, Intel Corporation

From left: Miles Davenport, ERC Chair and luncheon facilitator; Dianna Noli-Hill, Chengdu Committee secretary; Colin Tetreault, speaker, Senior Policy Advisor of Sustainability, Cty of Phoenix; Joe Shoen, speaker, CEO U-Haul International Inc.; Leung Eng, Chengdu Committee member, Decker Williams, Chengdu Committee member; Paula West, Executive Director, Phoenix Sister Cities; Suzanne Fallender, CSR Strategy & Communications Director, Intel Corporation; Allan Yang, Vice President, U-Haul International

ERC Planned Activities

Summer 2014 Global Links Business Outlook Luncheon - The ERC will sponser its 15th annual business luncheon with industry-leading guest speakers who will provide relevant information on the state of the world's economy and future prospects for international trade and economic development in the state of Arizona.

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